Performance Collage Scenes are an assemblage of diverse elements capturing the essence of performance automobiles in intense color, composition, lighting, pattern, shape, form, and texture. They also capture periods of history such as the Shelby Cobra being built in the first garages in the early 1960's or the 1966 12 hours of Sebring. These collages are a tremendous way to celebrate the unique beauty and history of automobiles in your home, office, or garage!

Full Service Please

Memories of the classic American gas station are rich with the symbols of service, speed, power, and value. In years past, you knew that you could get your windows wiped, your oil checked and your tank topped off, all by your friendly service station attendant! How can we not appreciate the classic gas stations from "days gone by" that fueled our love of cars! Let a Gas Station Scenes mural from Garage Scenes take you back to the good 'ol days when pulling up to the pump meant FULL service!

History in the Making

Do the words Cobra, Shelby, or Ford GT get your adrenaline running? If so, then a Vintage Race Scenes mural from Garage Scenes is the fix you need. Exclusive murals produced from original shop photos of the Cobra in it's infancy are also included in this gallery. Through the lens of one of it's first photographers, see how arguably the best sports car ever came to life.

Dreams Can Come True

Wouldn't we all love to have these dream garages? You'll find amazing garage shots from the original Cobra program to the paddocks at Indy, to a garage full of Ferrari's at Sebring.

Speed and Performance

Exclusive, officially licensed Carroll Shelby Merchandise murals. These murals celebrate the legendary Carroll Shelby, one of the world's leading innovators in the wild and wonderful world of performance cars. These murals portray some of the original shop photos of the Cobra in its infancy and honor some of the world's fastest cars on some of the world's most famous tracks. Shelby's passion for speed and performance are vividly exemplified in these life-size snap shots of history.

Love The 50s

Diners, drive-ins, and other hot images from the 50s "Cruisin Scene". Cruise your favorite hangouts without leaving the comfort of your home. Relive those fond memories of the golden age of the automobile when you drive into your garage or walk into your den or basement. Cruisin Scenes from Garage Scenes are guaranteed to take you back.

Get Your Kicks

Route 66 is more than just a map or a strip of pavement. It lives on in the memories of those who have traveled or read about it. You can relive the spirit of Route 66 with these life size murals depicting the fascinating mixture of American history, nostalgia, and adventure that brings travelers from all over the world to experience the romance of a simpler time.

Lets go for a Drive

Shift through the gears as you twist and turn on your favorite scenic drive. Whether you crave the adventure and romance of the open road, the scenic vistas of striking mountain ranges, or breathtaking ocean views, Garage Scenes has the mural for you. Just listen to the road! How about taking a drive along Florida's coast? Or maybe a trip down Route 66? Driving Scenes from Garage Scenes will take you there!

Ready, Set, Go!

Imagine making a pit stop during your NASCAR racing debut or pulling into the staging lights at your favorite NHRA event. Maybe you dream about racing in the 24 hours of LeMans or driving against the best in Formula 1. A Racing Scenes wall mural from Garage Scenes is guaranteed to put you right in the middle of the action.

Collectable Art

Exclusive, limited edition art murals by Tom Fritz. Individually signed and numbered. Includes certificate of authenticity. Please contact Garage Scenes for availability of other Tom Fritz art murals.

Time To Drag

Drag racing started out as a wild activity practiced by hoodlums but over the course of decades, drag racing would ultimately transform itself into one of the world's most popular motorsports. Capture the history and nostalgia of drag racing with a mural from Garage Scenes!