Hi-Performance Wall Murals for the Automotive Enthusiast

Garage Scenes specializes in the use of the most modern digital imaging and printing technologies to produce high quality, life-size murals, wallpaper border, and window shades for the automotive enthusiast. Image galleries cover a wide range of car scenes from cruising in the 50s to famous race tracks to scenic drives across America. Whether you dream about leading a race at the brickyard, cruisin that old diner back home, or simply taking a Sunday drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, Garage Scenes has the wall mural to put you in the scene of your dreams and bring that boring garage to life!

High Quality Construction
Made to be displayed in your garage, basement, den, or most any other place you can imagine, these HUGE, wall-size murals are printed to the highest specifications on heavy duty vinyl using UV resistant, solvent based inks..You can even wash them down with a water hose when dirty! Each mural is printed as a single piece with no seams to degrade the image quality and complicate the installation. Wallpaper border is printed on a commercial vinyl wallpaper and our window shades are printed on the same high quality vinyl that we use for our murals.

Photographic Quality Imagery
Only the highest resolution images from industry leading photographers are included in our collection. Each image is uniquely selected to give you the sensation that you're actually in the scene. Literally thousands and thousands of images have been researched to come up with the select few you see here on this website. Galleries today include Cruisin, Racing, Vintage Racing, Gas Station, Garage, Drag Racing, Indy, Route 66, Driving, and Fritz Art Scenes with more added all the time. Classic scenes of Ferrari's, Cobra's, Porshe's, Mustangs, and Corvettes are especially prevalent. If you don't see something you're looking for, e-mail us or give us a call at 1-877-3 SCENES (723637) because we have access to well over 600,000 racing images alone.

Fast, Easy Mural Installation
Installation is easier than changing the oil in your hot rod and we provide the oil and filter! Either you can specify a rod pocket across the top for suspending the mural from hooks in the ceiling / wall or you can adhere the mural directly to your wall with industrial strength hook & loop fasteners or with contact cement you provide. Everything you need to install the mural is included in the supplied Installation Kit. The rod pocket solution provides the added advantage that the mural can be easliy relocated to another room, rolled up for moving or storage, or simply replaced when that hot rod changes.